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Productivity Ideas:

When Building Knowledge In A Company, The Network Effect Of Email Is Negative. It’s Time For A Different Approach.

The Network Effect On Email Is Negative When It Comes To Building Knowledge In A Company.

Everyone is so busy and email has become so cluttered with so many different tasks. Companies like Slack are being built to get people out of email and into more productive workflows and studies have said the interruptive nature of email is making people unproductive. These issues make it really difficult to take advantage of the crowd of employees you have when it comes to building knowledge. If person A finds a valuable piece of news, how can you distribute it to B, C and D in a way that creates a new baseline of knowledge? How do we make having a group of people a powerful asset thing when trying t0 distribute knowledge? Here are some of the challenges we have found when talking to clients and the solutions we have been working on.

Is Your Colleague Ready To Read?

A big problem we found is that your colleague is most likely not in the right frame of mind or even have the time to read at the same time you sent the email. Reading and building knowledge is a very focused activity that requires a different frame of mind from the many other activities that come with a work day. Just because you are ready to send something valuable, doesn’t mean other people are ready to receive it.

The Vehicle

I realized that even though email is amazing and enduring, it was probably worth looking other alternatives.

I have never thought the quest of making an amazing TV commercial or a banner ad was a good use of time. Mostly because people do not view an interruption and then decide in this day and age. They can see it coming a mile away before the message comes into their consideration and they filter it out. So it doesn’t matter how good your call to action is. You are not talking to anybody. (Cue, the frequency argument if your revenue relies on interruption based ads!)

The same applies with an email. Even if your email has incredibly knowledge value that could inform and hence shift the way you have been pitch a client, it is still viewed as an email and goes into the cluttered feed.

The Immediacy Of Email 

We all think that email is a good solution to get in front of people because it is the one application they use all the time. True, but email is  cluttered and has limited functionality when it comes to building knowledge.  More on that below.

Our Solution (see screen grabs below)

You have come across something valuable by filtering content, scanning and then drilling down. You are in that zone. The best chance of getting someone else to read it and hence getting a positive network effect, is giving this to them when they are in the same zone. When they are ready.

Linkboard is a knowledge building tool. You open it when you are ready and open to building knowledge. That is where your item needs to be. Waiting for them when they are ready to take in information, think about it and connect dots.

Our Shared Read Later lives in the Read Later section.

Tackling The Immediacy Dilemma 

The main reason I think Shared Read Later On Linkboard is better than email is empathy.

Sure, an email will pop up right in their feed on mobile and desktop. But, what if they are not in a position to read it right then ? They have try and remember it or use clunky things like Flag or remember to try and use another clunky search email function by trying to remember a word from the article.

We are tackling the problem of building knowledge in an increasingly noisy and fragmented online media landscape. We are offering 14 day trials to anyone who would like to try out Linkboard. You will get a dedicated Linkboard Agent who will configure your Linkboard based on what you follow.

– The Linkboard 14 day trial subscription  to get started now

– Get a guided tour and demonstration over phone or video conference

– Check out all the features and pricing for Linkboard

– Check out our Linkboard Knowledge Base

– Contact us about any other questions

Download Linkboard For iPhone (subscription or trial required to access)

Your colleagues are busy. With Shared Read Later by Linkboard, you are giving them all the tools to see, scan, read and keep and then use.

Sept 16 article- The Network Effect- dark grey


Notification: See it come up but know exactly where it is in Linkboard for later when they are ready.

Scan: Can scan headline and even parts of article if they want.



Read: They know it is there saved for them already to read later without having to search through email.


Use: They might find this valuable for other Connections and you have put it in a place that they can share it with one touch.  They can also keep it there for future reference.





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