Productivity Ideas:

Productivity Ideas:

A Read Later Folder Can Be A Game Changer

We always ask business people, “How do you save articles that are important to you and your team?”.

Here are the top responses we get:

– Email to myself.

– Keep the browser tab open.

– I have a word doc that I copy and paste.

If you think about turning news into knowledge then into action and then into profit, we have to find ways that we can use the news. We have to discover news and then action it which means reading and moving on or keeping it so we can reference it or get it into the hands of our team (more on that part later).

So it was a natural step for us to create “Read Later ” in the app. has been built just for discovering and actioning news. So when people are using , they are there to devour news and turn it into knowledge that they can use in their business. This is a different mindset than when someone is in their email app.

This is the most common behavior we see from our users:

1) Quick scroll through homepage feed. Click on “Save To Read Later” on a few items and this behavior is repeated throughout the day.

2) At night times and weekends, the Read Later folder is opened and read or listened to or saved to offline. Yes, we have text to speech. Yes, we have save to offline so you can devour your Read Later articles on the plane.

You can sign up for a free account at to start using Read Later right away.




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