Productivity Ideas:

Productivity Ideas:

Re-Thinking The Email Alert

Email is so basic and open that we have used it for so many different things that some studies have said the interruption email causes can make us really unproductive. But we feel that if we can make each email more efficient, perhaps it will have some life left. So, we are introducing the Batch Email Alert.

The Linkboard Batch Alert takes the single topic email alert we have all used before and combines them. So you get 5 articles and 5 tweets per filter. For example, you could get a Batch Email Alert a few minutes before you wake up based in your folder called “Competitors” to see if you need to react to something swiftly.

The problem in the past was that you had to scan many publications or many email alerts to get this information. It was inefficient. The Linkboard solution is to have a broad sweep digest pushed to you to get a sense whether you need to act right away.

It is super simple to set up/turn off/on and you can also email your Linkboard Agent to set it up right away for you.

Create Batch Email Alerts on Linkboard Knowledge Base.

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